Euros create boost for women’s and girls’ football

This year, no-one could have missed the huge growth in women’s and girls’ football. Along with the KNVB, we have been monitoring the developments in the sport since 2014.

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With a large-scale annual survey, we provide insight into the results of the KNVB’s efforts in the area of women’s and girls’ football. Naturally, the Women’s European football championships in the Netherlands played a role in this during this summer. The Orange Lionesses became European champions and put women’s football in the spotlight.

The Women’s and girls’ football annual tracker provides insight into the development of awareness, the value and image of women’s and girls’ football and helps the KNVB to continue to improve the sport’s popularity and image. n=1,000 Dutch people participated in the survey (general public), supplemented by n=200 parents of daughters. This method enabled us to express views on general image-forming in the Netherlands, but also to investigate how parents view football as a sport for their daughter to participate in.

This year, we conducted the survey about a month after the Euro final. The positive effect of the Euro championship for women in their own country (WEURO) was clear from this. Women’s football is now the most popular women’s sport in the Netherlands. Seven out of ten Dutch people are interested in women’s football. What’s more, football is most considered by parents of girls aged 5 years or under as a future sport. The number of parents considering football for their young daughters has even doubled compared to last year.

In this film made by the KNVB, women’s football manager Kirsten van de Ven explains the positive effects experienced by the KNVB thanks to the success of WEURO.