Nissan gives Intelligent Mobility boost by sponsoring Formula E

The Formula 1 season has just ended, but there’s no need for race fans to be bored. Next week, the third season of Formula E begins.

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For those who are still unfamiliar with this: Formula E is a global competition for electric vehicles. The races are held on street circuits in major cities across the world. The first race takes place in Hong Kong, followed by races in Berlin, Paris, New York and Montreal, amongst others.

Formula E was launched in 2014 and combines innovation with sporting competition. With the increasing focus on sustainable mobility and rising interest in electric vehicles, Formula is hitting the spotlight more and more often. This is not just noticeable in terms of the interest of race fans, but especially in terms of the brands that wish to be associated with the competition.

From next season (2018/2019), Nissan will also be entering a team in Formula E - the first Japanese vehicle manufacturer to do so. Via Formula E, Nissan will have the chance to present its Intelligent Mobility strategy on a global podium to a new generation of race fans. For Nissan, it’s important to reinforce its position as the number electric vehicle brand.

Nissan is not the only brand wishing to profile itself with this sustainable racing series. Last summer, Porsche, BMW, Audi and Mercedes all announced that they intended to enter a team in Formula E (from the 2019/2020 season).

Insight into the impact of the new partnership on the development of the brand

In order to be able to monitor the impact of the new partnership with Formula E, even before the announcement of its participation in Formula E, Nissan had already begun cooperating with Blauw Research on a sponsorship effect survey. As a result, we extended our partnership with Nissan into another domain (alongside the UEFA Champions League, Rio Olympics, USA College Sports and the International Cricket Council).

The sponsorship effect survey surrounding Formula E gives Nissan insight into the impact of the new partnership on the development of the brand (in particular, where Intelligent Mobility is concerned). Because Formula E is a relatively new and fast-growing racing series, we are also closely monitoring the background and development of the fan base. In this way, Nissan can continue to link its sponsorship activities to the Formula E public. Most of all, by measuring the impact of the various Nissan sponsorships consistently, we can compare the impact of sponsorship in various domains.

The results help Nissan to focus the sponsorship of Formula E and to optimise the activation of the sponsorship. Based on the insights gained from the survey, objectives are formulated and campaigns developed.

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