Case study: Zilveren Kruis brochure content


Clients often approach us for last-minute sense checks of their content before sending important communications to customers. In this case, the Dutch health insurer, Zilveren Kruis, sought quick confirmation that their letter and brochure was doing everything it was designed to prior to being sent.

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Every year, Zilveren Kruis send more than a hundred various communications to their customers, aiming to keep them informed on their personal healthcare. On this occasion, Zilveren Kruis had created a few solutions to help their customers become better prepared for upcoming visits to the doctor. They thought they were ready to send out a bespoke, printed brochure…

The task presented to SPRINT was to determine whether the reader would understand the contents of this printed communication and – most crucially – if they would respond to its desired call to action. We had just 24 hours to find out.

Our approach

SPRINT lived up to its name and approached this content test extremely quickly. We promptly submitted copies of the letter and brochure to a total of 100 respondents matching the target group of the client.

These respondents individually judged the letter and brochure on different criteria, such as its overall clarity and how easy it was to understand the key message. Different KPIs were also used and respondents were asked to what extent they would follow the call to action presented to them.

SPRINT used a real-time reporting dashboard to actively follow the incoming feedback, ensuring the final results were available for Zilveren Kruis within 24 hours.

We are very pleased with the fast service of SPRINT. They ensured we could test more communications, leading to an improvement of our communication with the customer.”
Maida Robert Research consultant - Zilveren Kruis

Unique results:

A successful 24-hour test of the content produced the following results for Zilveren Kruis:

  • Real-time insight into the market research outcomes
  • Results supplied within 24 hours
  • Analysis of strengths and weaknesses of the communication
  • Concrete points of improvement
  • ULTIMATELY – an improved version of the brochure before it reached customers!