Football panel: insights into the behaviour and attitude of football lovers

The Dutch Football Association (KNVB) wants to engage as many people with football as possible. Different stakeholders are important: people who play football, who are a fan of football, who are involved with football through their children, etc. There are always many (unpredictable) developments influencing the way people perceive football. This makes it very important for the KNVB to be closely connected to their target audiences. Staying in touch with the different stakeholders, allows the football association to tap into the needs and experiences of everyone engaged with the sport.

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When your goal is to get frequent feedback from your target audiences, a research panel can be a good solution. It allows you to contact relevant (sub) target groups right at the moment when you need input or feedback from them. For the KNVB we have set-up a Football Panel: a large database with people from the different target groups of the football association. The panel allows the KNVB to do research among relevant people in a quick and flexible way.

Football Panel: continuous contact with relevant stakeholders

The KNVB Football Panel consists of 10.000 members. The panel is build in the look and feel of the football association. This makes it a trustworthy and recognisable platform for the panel members.

All the different stakeholders are represented in the panel, like: grassroot footballers, trainers, referees, volunteers, parents of kids who play football, etc. We can invite the entire panel for a research, but also do research among very specific groups. When we started the panel, we have registered all relevant characteristics of the panel members, which makes it easy to select the right target group for any research. The panel characteristics are updated each year.

A big asset of the panel is its flexibility. An example: if during the weekend football games have to be cancelled because of bad weather, we are able to send out a quick survey on Monday morning to evaluate the experiences of the volunteers at the clubs who are responsible for planning.

Advantages of the Football Panel:

  • The panel allows the KNVB to get in touch with relevant target groups very quickly.
  • Through the panel we can use different research tools to get useful insights from several target groups.
  • Panel members can be easily invited for surveys but also for research communities and qualitative studies.
  • The Football Panel contributes in a positive way to the relation between the KNVB and its members.
  • The Football Panel has a positive impact on the image and visibility of the KNVB.

How it works

The Football Panel is the central database from where the KNVB contacts its stakeholders for various research questions. Blauw Research is responsible for managing the panel: we select the right target groups for research, answer questions from panel members, send out news letters to update members about research that has been conducted and we keep the panel up to date. And of course we also design and conduct all research projects.

Panel research for sports audiences

A research panel is the perfect solution for sports organisations who want to get frequent feedback from their stakeholders. Get in touch to learn more about the possibilities.