Fanbase insights

Segmentation/profiling of fan bases helps sport organizations and sponsors to better target products and communications and to improve fan experiences. It allows the development of more specific and better sponsoring propositions. Herewith the insights contribute to a stronger connection with the most valuable target audience: fans.

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Segmentation Research | Blauw Research

The marketing goal of the Dutch Football Association (KNVB) is to strengthen the bond with every person who enjoys football. There are many differences in the drivers, behavior, experiences, desires, etc. of people towards football. This requires a differentiated market approach. Therefore, the KNVB needed deeper understanding of the way people experience football.

An online segmentation study among a large sample of the general population. The segmentation is based on a clustering of the reasons that drive people to experience football. We fine tune the resulting segments by doing profiling analyses and a creative workshop with KNVB stakeholders. We create a predictive model, which allows the KNVB to connect the fan base segments to their own database.

The study resulted in 8 clear profiles/personas of people who have different ways of experiencing football. KNVB now uses these profiles as a basis for their marketing strategy and a starting point for new campaigns and products. By connecting the segments to their database, the KNVB can now use a personalized approach to communicate with hundreds of thousands of people in the football community.