Case study: Social Security Bank brochure content


Every year, 3.4 million Dutch citizens receive an unemployment benefit and 1.9 million households receive child support. The Sociale Verzekeringsbank (SVB – the social security bank of the Netherlands) are responsible for ensuring those child support and unemployment benefits are paid correctly and on time.

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Therefore, for this particular client, clear communication with the target audience is always a top priority.

SPRINT were called in to help review and optimise a specific communication between SVB and their customers, prompting us to test their brochure content with respondents from a target group.

The challenge: communication in consumer language

The SVB need to communicate as clearly as possible with their target group, yet the information they need to communicate is often complex. Therefore certain checks need to be in place to ensure their communications are highly accessible, using consumer language.

A common mistake for many businesses is to communicate information from an internal perspective. This easily happens when certain information seems obvious and common sense, leading to the creation of materials that are not entirely suitable for an external audience (the consumer). This was the challenge for SVB – so together we tested their brochure content among a target group before it was sent to hundreds of thousands of people.

The copy test performed by SPRINT helped us to get a clear external communication with our target group. We use SPRINT for the speed and competence of their analysis.”
René Kleuters Advisor customer communication - Social Security Bank

Topline output:

The unique results gathered in our content test answered the following for SVB:

  • Was the text understandable?
  • Was the message transmitted effectively?
  • Which sections of the brochure made sense? Which didn’t?
  • Which elements should be optimised?
  • What elements were attractive and why?
  • Could the brochure be any clearer? How?

Unique result: a better brochure

Thanks to the content test we conducted on the SVB brochure, they could adjust and improve the right elements prior to sending an important brochure to their customers across the Netherlands.

During this project, we made sure the incoming respondent results could be followed, in real-time, making it possible for SVB to react to any suggested changes instantly.

The result was a wonderfully succinct, updated brochure. Any unclear text was revised or removed with greater clarity of certain “internal” words and phrases for the audience’s benefit.