Sponsoring Effectiveness Research: Formula E and Nissan

The Japanese car manufacturer Nissan entered the Formula E class in 2018. Formula E consists exclusively of electric racing cars competing against each other. But they don’t do that on a normal race track. What makes Formula E even more spectacular is that the races are held on a street circuit.

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Nissan is a big name in electric cars. In fact, their Leaf is the world’s best-selling electric car. This makes Formula E the ideal platform for Nissan to promote its electric models.

International sponsoring effectiveness research

Nissan commissioned Blauw Research to measure the impact of its sponsorship activities. We have been Nissan’s regular partner in measuring the effectiveness of its international sponsorship efforts since 2014.

We have more than fifteen years’ experience in this type of research, with clients including Heineken, Volvo, VodafoneZiggo, PepsiCo and ABN AMRO.

Being able to measure the impact of a new sponsorship campaign – as with Nissan and Formula E – right from day 1 is an ideal situation. It gives Nissan a clear starting point and enables them to measure the effectiveness of their sponsorship throughout the campaign.

Insight into Formula E fans and followers

Because Formula E is a relatively new competition, we are not only measuring the effectiveness of the sponsorship but we are also tracking the development of the Formula E fan base. We are following the behaviour and commitment of the Formula E audience in six countries (USA, Mexico, UK, France, Japan and China).

We are establishing how familiar consumers are with Nissan as an electric car manufacturer and rating Nissan’s fit as a Formula E sponsor.

Sponsorship research in different domains

Formula E is not the only sport Nissan sponsors. It also has sponsorship deals in other domains such as football (UEFA Champions League), US college sports and international cricket (ICC).
Because we carry out research across Nissan’s entire sponsorship portfolio, we are able to measure and compare the same KPIs each time.

We conduct portfolio analyses to map out which combination of sponsorships is the best fit for Nissan and what has the most impact on the brand.

Which form of sponsorship sells the most cars? In other words, which sponsorship has the highest ROI in the various countries?

Want to know more?

On our Formula E infographic you can find some key insights regarding the competition of electrical vehicles.

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