Market research in the healthcare sector is a discipline in its own right. It is a sector in which research is regularly conducted, but for which specialist expertise is required.

  • Healthcare professionals such as doctors, nurses, carers and pharmacists are very busy and must manage their time carefully.
  • There are also strict rules on privacy involving research amongst patients and consumers in care.

Blauw understands that and therefore opts for a bespoke, efficient research approach which complies with all legislation and regulations.

Specialist in healthcare research

We are a full sparring and consultancy partner in the field of healthcare research.

Our researchers and moderators have expertise in indication areas, medication, medical terminology, target groups and patients. We combine this with our wide experience in the field of marketing and cross-links. We offer a complete package of market research. We also provide answers to questions such as:

  • What is the situation with your brand familiarity and how do you optimise this? – Image research
  • What is the perception of your category in the eyes of the target group and towards who do you position yourself? – Positioning research
  • What can you do to strengthen your organisation’s reputation? – PR research
  • What is the relationship between your business and your customers? – Voice of the Customer
  • And how can you facilitate your employees to be inspired and do the best for your organisation in Flow? – Voice of the Employee

Practical research

The results of our research studies lead to logical conclusions and clear recommendations.

But what do you do with them?

Naturally, we help our clients to apply the results in practice, by the practical application for business intelligence or fine-tuning marketing strategies.

Blauw conducts varied research projects for various national and international clients. Our clients include: