Measuring brand strength: where are the growth opportunities for your business?

9 March 2017

Your brand is your company's most valuable possession. It sums up how consumers perceive you, how employers regard you and how you distinguish yourself from your competition.

​Measuring brand strength: where are the growth opportunities for your business?

If you gain insight into how others perceive your brand, you can work on brand growth. But it is evident that consumers in general are barely interested in brands. Which is to say that people appear to be much more intuitive in their decision-making behaviour than even they think.

The brain focuses strongly on efficiency and the prevention of choice stress. It is essential that people recognise a brand and also link it to a specific purchase situation. Everything revolves around the chance that as a brand, you pop up in the thoughts of consumers in a decision-making (purchase) situation.

This ‘How Brands Grow’ theory of Byron Sharp is a new vision of brand growth.
Blauw has developed an approach to brand research which is linked to this theory. The following is central to this:

When people think about your brand and not how people think about it as a way of predicting market growth”

A definitive measure instead of the classic abstract brand tracker. Using this brand tracking method, you gain insight into:

  • How often consumers think about your brand
  • Situations in which people should think about your brand
  • The recognisability of the unique elements of your brand

Throw out the classic brand tracker: why it's time for something new

Current brand research methods provide very little insight into brand strength and therefore few tools for more brand growth.

The classic brand tracker with its marketing funnel and image statements often does not show significant increases or reductions, or even fluctuations that cannot be explained. Furthermore, the results are often inconsistent with online performance figures, such as conversion or search behaviour.

Large organisations such as banks, energy suppliers and healthcare insurers, the top 50 companies in the Netherlands, have known this for quite a while and are now seeking a new tool to measure brand strength and the effects of brand campaigns. It's time for something new, but innovation is exciting. Companies such as Marktplaats, Quooker and Spa have already been there before you.

Connecting research and business

To implement our brand instrument in the best way possible, we take your organisation through the entire brand research path. We set up 1,2 or more internal work sessions, in which we set up the brand tracker together. In doing so, the people on the work floor form part of the design of the measuring instrument.
This way, it's not just people in the marketing and communication department in your company who know what's going on and you can create support across the entire business.

Brand Expert Christel van de Burgt explains how this approach to brand research works.

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