Concept testing

A concept test is a research tool that helps you check how your target group reacts to a new or updated concept. Are you looking to change your product or service or do you have a completely new concept that you want to add to your portfolio? Then of course you’ll want to know whether your concept has potential.

A concept test can help you find out and answers questions such as:

  • To what extent does this idea appeal to you?
  • To what extent do you think this concept has added value?
  • To what extent do you think this concept fits in with the brand?
  • Where would you as a consumer want or expect to buy this product?
  • What kind of packaging do you prefer? To what extent does this packaging appeal to you?

A concept test is also something you can use in your communication campaigns. Let’s say you want to win more new customers by devising attractive communication that resonates with your target audience. One way of reaching them might be to produce a magazine, for example. You can have a concept test carried out to make sure it meets your target audience’s wants and needs. We check for you:

  • whether the target audience appreciates and understands the articles (clearly written, relevant copy, choice of words, writing style, design etc.)
  • What scope there is for optimising copy and images.

There are various ways to research your concept. The approach that’s best for you will depend largely on the development phase your new or updated product or service is in.

Methods of testing your concept

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