Fanbase Insights

Segmentation or profiling of fan bases helps sport organizations and sponsors to better target products and communications and to improve fan experiences. It allows the development of more specific and better sponsoring propositions. Fanbase insights contribute to a stronger connection with the most valuable target audience: fans.

Fundamental insight into fan profiles

The basis of our fan segmentation studies are the fundamental drivers or motivations people have to be engaged with a certain sport, team or competition. Motivations are the driving force behind a fan’s behavior. Based on those motivations we create an effective and actionable fan segmentation. The segmentation is translated into a visualisation using personas that can be understood and used by everyone in the organization.

Fundamental insight into fan profiles contributes to:

  • higher direct revenues, for example from ticketing and merchandise
  • more and better sponsoring propositions
  • better cooperation with stakeholders through greater knowledge of the market

In this brochure you’ll find an example of our fan segmentation for Dutch football fans.

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