Step 1 Voice of the Customer program

Monitoring and follow-up

Nowadays, you can no longer order (online) without having to complete a very long questionnaire about how and why you made your purchase once you have done so. Customers are now getting really tired of this, as these surveys take time and people feel that their opinions are not acted upon.

We believe that customer research should be ‘fun & rewarding’. Make it as easy as possible for customers to talk about your business and show them that you also take account of their opinions! Please note, your employees must be able to use this feedback. Ensure that the feedback reaches the right person within your organisation. The employee makes contact, thanks the customer for their feedback and solves a potential problem at the same time. Sounds simple, doesn't it? And it is. This is how it works:

  • personal questionnaire, a tool to enter into a personal conversation with the customer (chat session)
  • Intuitive and attractive dashboard, adapted organisational structure follow-up opportunities which are suited to the way your organisation works:
  • follow-up your customer feedback in the dashboard with 1 click

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