Step 3 Voice of the Customer program


OK, after these 2 steps you will have collected the feedback from the customer, neatly-ranked in order of importance. Now comes the next challenge, which is perhaps the greatest one: getting the organisation on board Our programme is not 'just another project’, it ensures that the customer is in your employees' DNA. This is a transformation which takes time, but which is necessary to enter into lasting and intensive relationships with customers.

The solution to this:

  • Employees are inspired by examples of success
  • Our consultants help employees to draw up a road map for improving customer focus.
  • Employees who are to monitor customer feedback receive call-back training
  • Games and in-house CX days provide a boost to a customer-focused culture within your business

As a result, employees become involved and enthusiastic. They feel facilitated to feel and act in the interest of the customer experience.

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