Anke Bergmans selected as Bureau researcher of the Year

8 June 2016

As is customary every year, the MOAwards are handed out on the beach at Zandvoort. Anke Bergmans took the prize of Bureau Researcher of the Year back to Rotterdam.

According to the jury, she has provided a completely new dimension to customer intimacy. Anke works, literally, within her client's organisation; so she knows the client, her client's customers, and she provides a total solution. For her own colleagues she forms a source of opportunities to innovate with clients and she secures turnover. She does all of this with deafening peace and calm: listening well and asking the right questions. She also knows how to create added value by working creatively in and out of the box, especially in terms of the "marketing" of the research results. Her genuinely alternative approach, whereby she not only says she is acting as a business partner, but actually does so, is really distinctive. In brief, she is a very strong business partner who is very well accepted by her clients.