Formula One vs Formula E

15 April 2020

The racing sport is one of the most important domains of our work in sponsoring effectiveness research. We measure the impact of sponsorships in both Formula One and Formula E for several global brands, some of which are active in both racing competitions. Our insights contribute to maximising sponsorship impact on brand strength. Sponsoring both Formula One and Formula E can be a strong combination for sponsors in racing.

The 2020 season is the 71st season of Formula One racing. F1 attracts a large global audience with its fast cars, famous drivers and a year-round competition with races on all continents. The electrical equivalent Formula E is now (only) in its 6th season and is becoming more and more popular. Formula E is a unique combination of innovation and competitiveness. Electrical vehicles race on street circuits in big cities around the world. Formula E fans find environmental sustainability very important and they are interested in electric cars.

What are the differences and similarities between the two racing competitions?