How 3x3 leads to 27 times flow

16 June 2016

Allow three motivated parties, each with their own expertise and talents, to combine their strengths toward one higher common goal and the result can be tremendous.

One inspirational driving force led to a fruitful partnership between Superpromoter Academy, Blauw Research and Mflow, namely: We grant every organisation and employee FLOW; the “optimum experience” which is linked to the achievement of a specific goal. You experience a sensation of Flow at times when your work is going well, everything is going to plan and you are applying yourself to your work with energy, involvement and success.

Making the difference
We not only grant this to everyone, but are also convinced that organisations in FLOW ultimately make the difference. Enthusiastic, visionary workers ultimately create enthusiastic and loyal clients. That became clear during a lunch event organised by the 3 of us which was entirely about FLOW. Three excellent and genuine real-life examples from De Efteling, Nationale Nederlanden and SNS demonstrated to the attendees that the creation of FLOW delivers a great deal for employee, client and organisation. Is that spontaneous? Certainly not! That was also clear. It requires courage, persistence and leadership. An important lesson which everyone took home was in any case: give people space and give them confidence and allow them to use their talents to the full (mastery). Elly Hilhorst, Christa Klijn and Patricia Devlaeminck, thank you very much for your enthusiasm and inspiration.

So how?
What strongly came out of the examples, but also during the discussions at the 3 tables between the 3 courses, is that more and more organisations wish to create this impetus but do not know how. And that is exactly what we also observed. Simply having inspiration and a vision, simply measuring and monitoring or just coaching and supervision is not enough. It's all about a combination of these 3 elements: inspiration, monitoring and activation. As a result of these insights and experiences, we have developed a unique 3x3 programme. The positive feedback we obtained from the attendees was again a confirmation that these approach can truly help organisations to develop a FLOW-movement.

All of the ingredients are present
The most important thing this afternoon however was that we had a very pleasant and inspiring meeting together. Not in the least due to a very visionary and passionate head chef, Sieberen from the Restaurant Hotel Quartier du Port who served us 3 delicious dishes in a very enthusiastic style. Passion and talent had clearly found each other.

Enthusiasm is contagious
That our 27 guests ultimately went home with a feeling of FLOW gave us a boost of energy. It would appear that enthusiasm is contagious. So was it due to the combination of the 3 parties' strengths, the 3 inspirational speakers, the insight into the 3 elements of inspiration, monitoring and activation, the interesting discussions at the 3 tables, the 3 delicious dishes or the unique 3x3 approach during this 3 hour lunch event? The fact is that all of the ingredients were present and that (3x3) x3 is 27!

If you are you interested in how you can create FLOW within your organisation, view the brochure and contact us without obligation. We will be happy to tell you about all of our experiences and the unique 3x3 programme.

And are you wondering why some words are underlined? That's easy to explain. These are THE drivers which generate FLOW.