AH XL online community to share customer experiences

11 November 2016

Blauw has set up a temporary online community especially for the new AH XL store in Purmerend with 100 to 150 customers.

The customers were recruited in-store by a bureau specialising in the recruitment of respondents for research. For a four week period these customers will take part in the temporary online community and over the next few weeks Albert Heijn will consult with a select group of customers about the redeveloped XL in North Holland using this method.

New subjects every week

In the online community we will be discussing the new store with customers. This will enquire about their first impression of the redeveloped XL, the layout and the look & feel, but also all of the new modules in the store will be a later topic for discussion. New subjects will be added each week, which we will do in various ways. Sometimes using a questionnaire, sometimes with a discussion and sometimes with an exercise. It won't be one-way traffic however. We are not only going to ask questions as Albert Heijn, customers can also create subjects they want to talk about if it's to do with the new store.

Success may lead to more stores

It is possible in the long term that AH may decide to start online communities for other stores in the formula. ‘This is the first time we have done this in this way. We are going to see how it goes. If it appears to be successful, naturally it will also be interesting for other stores.’ says Albert Heijn spokesman Menno van der Vlist.