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The role of governments is being significantly redefined. Policy officials, researchers and communications specialists within the public domain are having to deal with major changes and developments within the sector. Society is transforming into a:

  • Participation society, in which everyone who can, assumes responsibility for his own life and environment, without any help from government.
  • Network society, in which social networks such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn play a central role.

The self-reliance of the individual citizen and the multimedia society are developments on which governments must base their policies and services.

Blauw helps parties within the public domain in an active and effective way

A retreating government means that many authorities and implementing bodies face a challenging task. This requires a review of responsibilities and their service provision. Policy is increasingly developed in partnership with the target group.

We help give the citizen, contractor, road user, jobseeker or taxpayer a face and a voice.

In the public sector, this revolves around complex, challenging issues such as:

  • How do I inform more citizens using fewer resources?
  • What are the experiences of citizens and what do they think the priorities of our policy should be? – Let’s play workshop
  • How do I ensure that the weak in society can also do their tax return?
  • Who helps me to point out to companies their individual responsibilities?
  • How do I change from carer to facilitator?
  • How do you capture member signals and have ideas you might otherwise miss? – Research community
  • How can you improve online communication with your target group? – Research community

As you can see there a great many potential research methods. From communities, group discussions, interviews, social media tracking to the familiar customer research. We provide insights with which we help to design and add substance to your policy.

Our clients include various local authorities, ministries, governmental and semi-governmental bodies, including:

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