Ad test

The ad test is the solution to quickly and easily test your commercial. You will get insights in how you advertisement is appreciated and what effect it has. Will your advertisement be a success or will it completely miss the mark? Are you in doubt between different versions? See which one is best by opposing one against another.

The SPRINT ad test has been optimized through years of experience with various clients. You will get a clear overview with how your ad scores on:

  • Appreciation
  • The extent to which it retains attention
  • Branding
  • The extent to which it calls to action

In addition to our standard questions it is possible for you to add a maximum amount of ten of your own questions.

The right target audience

We select the right people from your target audience and propose the advertisement online to 100 respondents. They judge the ad based on a number of criteria, causing you to see how well your ad scores. Additionally, they indicate in detail what elements they find attractive and which ones they don’t, with argumentation. This way you get an insight in how to improve your ad.

Online dashboard

As soon as the first respondents respond you can directly track the results online in our dashboard. We translate these insights into concrete recommendations and you can directly start working on improvements.

Deliver your message even better

With our ad test you will see how people appreciate your advertisement and you will get an insight in what elements they like and they don’t like as much. You will not only see how elements are assessed, but also the reason behind the opinion. In this way, you can work on specific improvements.

  • Does your target audience understand the message?
  • Which elements are being criticized?
  • Does your ad serve its purpose?
  • How can you deliver your message even better?

These quantitative insights can be compared to those of other advertisements. Is your expression good enough? Which ad is the best one? Also you can compare your results to our benchmarks before you decide to go live with your ad.

Want to know more about the SPRINT Ad Test?

Will Flora’s new spread packaging boost sales in Finland?

Upfield was spun off from Unilever in 2018 and is the largest plant-based consumer products company in the world owning multiple brands of plant-based spreads, cheeses and cream including Flora, Violife, Rama, ProActiv, Becel and Blue Band. To take the next step in this plant-based revolution, Upfield intends to place a new packaging for the plant-based Flora spread on the Finnish market. However, to avoid this becoming a costly investment that does not lead to greater sales at the end of the day, Upfield contacted SPRINT.