Agile Brand Tracker

The SPRINT agile brand tracker allows you to investigate spontaneous awareness automatically, and in a standard, smart way. This makes tracking your brand easy and very affordable. You can use the insights to respond to changes and make decisions to grow your brand. Our tool is very suitable for testing whether you are heading in the right direction with your brand strategy or for monitoring how your campaigns are performing. The results are quickly available in a dashboard, allowing you to work with small or large practical insights yourself.

The Agile Brand Tracker consists of a general part and a brand-specific part. The general questions are only asked once regardless of how many brands you include in the test. The general questions give you answers to the questions regarding:

  • Brand awareness
  • General appreciation

The brand-specific questions are asked per brand, and give you insight into:

  • Image aspects
  • Brand values


The standard we use makes it possible to build a benchmark. This makes it even easier to strengthen the position of your brand or achieve brand growth.

Number of measurements

With the agile brand tracker, you normally take one measurement every month for the duration of one year. You are free to specify the number of measurements per year with a minimum of four.

Region & Target Group

The tracker can be deployed in 90 countries and any target group is possible.

Extra module: Campaign effect

With each measurement of the agile brand tracker you gain insight into your brand position and how your target audience perceives your brand at this moment. These insights give you tools to effectively organise your marketing activities. The desired result is, of course, that your brand awareness increases after each campaign. With the agile brand tracker it is possible to measure the effect of your campaign. Did your campaign attract attention? How was the campaign received? And more importantly, did the campaign increase brand awareness and purchase intention? By adding a campaign effect module during one of your measurements, these questions can be answered with 5 additional standard questions.

Results in an online interactive dashboard

As a deliverable, you get an online interactive dashboard in which the results are clearly displayed in tables and graphs. Splits can easily be made at the press of a button and you can create your own tables for deeper analyses. You also get an online report where you can see the results arriving in real time. This report is especially useful in fieldwork and afterwards you can find the results in the dashboard.

Want to know more about the SPRINT Agile Brand Tracker?

Brand Awareness Danerolles

Put those smartphones away. Let’s bake a tasty treat together and have a good old conversation with the whole family around the table. That’s the mission Danerolles is seeking to bring to life with its pre-packaged dough products. But how familiar are consumers in the Netherlands and her other countries with the Danerolles brand? Danerolles uses the Agile Brand Tracker of SPRINT to discover whether its marketing campaigns are effectively boosting its brand profile in different countries.