Customer Journey Research

Convincing insights instead of lazy assumptions? Customer Journey Research makes the difference

Are you raring to improve your customer experience, but unsure where to start? Could research help, perhaps? Or do you prefer to save costs by relying on your colleagues’ assumptions? At what times in the customer journey does your customer smile…or frown?

With Customer Journey Research, our driven Blauw experts do not collect assumptions, but results based on real customer experiences that reveal how customers rate your physical or digital services. Including the positives and negatives. These outcomes are then used to jointly set priorities and make a plan for improving your customer satisfaction. Are you up for making this next level step together with our experts?

What key advantages does Blauw offer?

Approach to Customer Journey Research

Our driven Blauw experts take lots of work out of your hands but you, as the voice of your organisation, are obviously indispensable in the Customer Journey Research. Every organisation, and therefore every study, is unique. That’s why we first discuss your questions and determine the best approach for your study. The research lasts 4 to 7 weeks on average.

Step 1: Collect input & identify sticking points

We need your input, but also that of other departments within your organisation. What input is necessary? That depends on the type of customer journey you want to examine: (1) optimisation of services; or (2) optimisation of a specific process.

For both types of customer journey we organise one workshop in which Blauw, together with everyone involved in the journey, (1) analyses the full spectrum of services or (2) goes through a specific process step by step. Why is input necessary? To understand and interpret the results. That way we put the customer journey in context and sticking points can no longer remain hidden.

In order to optimise your services, we can sketch a life cycle journey for all the products/services that an organisation offers. This helps to set priorities: which process within which service must be scrutinised and addressed first? To optimise a specific process, we look at what is already known about the customer’s experience and the manner in which the process is internally organised.

Step 2: Experience interviews with customers

In the next step our Blauw experts ask your customers in an open and friendly manner about pretty much everything that is relevant, always keeping their eyes and ears wide open to pick up the customer’s every emotion and experience during the journey.

All customers are interviewed 1-on-1, preferably within 2 to 3 days. We start with: what goal does the customer want to achieve? The journey ends when the goal has been reached. That way, we sketch a clear picture of the role your service or product plays within the customer journey.

At what times does the customer feel as happy as Larry? When does he feel like hurling his laptop out of the window? Emotions, and the underlying values, are important indications for measuring sticking points in the customer journey. Using experience drivers, based on the 30 validated values from Bain’s pyramid, we identify the values that really matter to your customer and how you can add these values at every key moment in a service or process.

Step 3: Setting priorities with stakeholders

In the final step we organise a workshop of 1.5 to 2 hours. Our Blauw experts present all the insights collected during the first two steps. Everyone involved, including stakeholders, is present.

Together with all parties we determine the most important insights and pointers as well as the sticking points that the organisation needs to focus on. These points are then translated into How-Can-We’s (HCW’s). This gives you a firm foundation to continue improving the customer experience after the research ends.

Why is it a good idea to involve stakeholders in the research? This sends out a clear message that their voice matters to the organisation. What’s more, there is no better way than factual insights to convince these good people of the need to implement change.

Do you as an organisation feel ready for a next level start with Customer Journey Research? Contact us and we’ll set to work straightaway.

Our Blauw experts conduct Customer Journey Research in both the B2B and B2C sectors, including for notable names such as Vattenfall and Eneco (energy), Nederlandse Spoorwegen (Dutch Rail), ABN Amro, (online store) and Huurcommissie (Rent Tribunal). They instantly plug into the dynamics of every sector and organisation (and their customers).

Our Customer Journey Researchers are ready to engage and work with you in a frank and in-depth manner at any time. Enthusiasm, openness and empathy are the hallmarks of our experts. Ensuring that everyone immediately feels at ease and on familiar ground.