Driver Discovery & Journey Mapping

From in-depth insight to enthusiastic customers

To be successful you need to keep expanding your customer base, while preserving and strengthening ties with existing customers. Because enthusiastic customers stay longer, recommend you more to others and spend more. Hence the need for in-depth insight into the customer and his or her customer journey and experience.

In this endeavour you are seeking answers to, or assistance with, the following questions:

  • How can we respond to the deeper drivers, emotions and experiences of customers?
  • Where are the opportunities for improvement across the customer journey and in key customer contact moments?
  • What stand-out experiences in the customer journey are worth sharing in order to make customers really enthusiastic?

Mapping customer experience through deeper drivers

With our research into the drivers of customers we help you map the customer’s emotional and rational experiences. Customer Journey research enables us to place these insights in their proper context in order to further optimize the customer journey. But what is the correct approach? That depends on your organization’s specific goals, customers and life cycle stage.

These are the methods and instruments we work with:

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