Voice of the Customer

Customer feedback in practice

Customer feedback enables you to enter into discussion with your customers concisely and on an individual level. The gathering of all this feedback is a wealth of information, which is worth its weight in gold, as it gives you crucial information and insight into your customer. If you know what a customer is happy about and even more importantly, if you know where the weak points lie, you can continue to improve your business.

This is how you keep your customers happy and discover how to attract new customers easily. Our Voice of the Customer programme:

  • Gathers continuous feedback from customers and enables direct individual monitoring.
  • Provides real time insight into results progress using a concise, real-time online dashboard. In-depth analyses provide extra insight and definitive action points to improve the service your company provides.
  • You can use Customer Experience experts to analyse customer feedback information within your organisation and begin to work with it.

Step1: Monitoring and follow-up

Nowadays, you can no longer order (online) without having to complete a very long questionnaire about how and why you made your purchase once you have done so. Customers are now getting really tired of this,  as these surveys take time and people feel that their opinions are not acted upon.

We believe that customer research should be ‘fun & rewarding’. Make it as easy as possible for customers to talk about your business and show them that you also take account of their opinions! Please note, your employees must be able to use this feedback. Ensure that the feedback reaches the right person within your organisation. The employee makes contact, thanks the customer for their feedback and solves a potential problem at the same time. Sounds simple, doesn't it? And it is.

This is how it works:

  • personal questionnaire, a tool to enter into a personal conversation with the customer (chat session)
  • Intuitive and attractive dashboard, adapted organisational structure
  • follow-up opportunities which are suited to the way your organisation works: follow-up your customer feedback in the dashboard with 1 click

 Step 2: Understanding

To become and remain successful, you need to retain and reinforce your relationships with your customers.

Enthusiastic customers stay longer, order more and spend more. That's why you need to know what buttons to press and what your organisation's planning should look like, all based on the customer's priorities. Blauw helps you to prioritise on the basis of customer insight.

What it delivers:

  • Understand what elements of customer relations exist

  • Determine where the most potential for improvement and distinctive capacity exists within the organisation.

  • Draw up definitive action plans to improve customer relations.

Step 3: Activation

OK, after these 2 steps you will have collected the feedback from the customer, neatly-ranked in order of importance. Now comes the next challenge, which is perhaps the greatest one: getting the organisation on board Our programme is not 'just another project’, it ensures that the customer is in your employees' DNA. This is a transformation which takes time, but which is necessary to enter into lasting and intensive relationships with customers.

The solution to this:

  • Employees are inspired by examples of success

  • Our consultants help employees to draw up a road map for improving customer focus.

  • Employees who are to monitor customer feedback receive call-back training

  • Games and in-house CX days provide a boost to a customer-focused culture within your business

As a result, employees become involved and enthusiastic. They feel facilitated to feel and act in the interest of the customer experience.

Would you also like to know how your business can be successfully customer-focused?

Contact Customer Experience Expert Maarten van den Broek with your questions. Along with our Customer Experience team, he helps organisations in various sectors such as finance, energy, telecoms and government, with the ultimate aim of helping organisations to achieve more enthusiastic and worthwhile customer relations.