Marketing strategy

The Marketing strategy is the foundation for all your marketing activities. The stronger this foundation is, the more successfully the marketing mix can be put together. We help you to come up with a strong marketing strategy by providing insight into the customer's behaviour (usage) and attitude towards the category. A Usage & Attitude study provides insight into the five W's: who, what, where, when and why.

So, we base a Usage & Attitude study on the assumption that it's difficult for the category user to determine exactly what drives their behaviour. That's why we examine usage and attitudes on the basis of the context in which they are created. We examine the context on three levels:

Human: norms and values, needs and motivations

Market: offering and framing (communication) within the category

Society: trends and legislation

For years, people believed that behaviour was driven by reason. The choice of a particular brand or product was believed to be based on what people knew about it (or thought they knew). Our experience in conducting studies, coupled with the work of people including Daniel Kahneman (Thinking, Fast and Slow) and Byron Sharp (How Brands Grow) have taught us that reality is different: many of our decisions are made unconsciously, in a split second. It is only later that we account for our actions by emphasising the actual arguments in favour. In reality, our behaviour is largely determined by the context in which we find ourselves.

In a U&A study, we use the following research methods: