Shopper Journey Research

Do you want to be relevant to your potential customers at each and every point of the purchase process?

Consumers can drop out of the shopper journey at a moment's notice. As a business, then, it's in your best interests to make sure that you have your potential customer's attention at every point in this purchase process.

But how? First and foremost, you have to know how consumers behave during a shopper journey. By this we mean behaviour both on-line and in-store.

Shopper Journey Research allows us to help you optimise the purchase process at each crucial moment.

We help you to understand both the behaviour and the crucial waymarks in your category's shopper journey. Imagine how you can optimise these moments and, at the same time, make shopping not just more pleasant for your (potential) customer, but also lay the foundations for a long-term relationship. Customers will want to come back to you again and again. That's when you notice you're doing things right!

Shopper Journey Research

Each purchase process is unique; each business, each industry or target group is different. That fact is something our experts here at Blauw use to structure Shopper Journey Research. Important elements in our approach are:

Measuring sub-conscious purchase behaviour

Do you always make a conscious, rational choice when shopping? No? The same goes for your fellow human being, the average consumer. A lot of purchase behaviour goes on sub-consciously. So, both during qualitative and quantitative market research our experts at Blauw use techniques that focus on sub-conscious consumer behaviour.

Actual purchase behaviour

As many consumers make sub-conscious choices in the purchase process it is often difficult for them to explain how they reach individual decisions, and they are even worse at predicting their own behaviour. For those reasons we always assume actual behaviour as the starting point, and we reflect on the most recent purchase. We observe the behaviour and let buyers speak about how they felt spontaneously, before specifically asking about the motivation behind the purchase and experience during the process.

On-line versus in-store purchasing behaviour

It probably won't surprise you, but consumer behaviour on the floor of a physical shop is different to 'at home, on the sofa using a laptop'. This is why we feel it is important to make a distinction between these forms of shopping behaviour. This way, it's much easier to configure a physical or on-line purchase process properly and integrate both worlds as far as possible.

Shopper Journey Research may be made up of several different modules. Of course, we will discuss with you the methods that we believe would be most effective for your survey. This might include Accompanied shopping or a Customer Decision Tree:

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