Shopper Marketing Strategy

To get the most from your brand or product’s marketing potential, you want to optimise the purchasing process. There are a number of decisive factors during the various points of the purchasing process that determine whether or not your client will complete this process successfully:

  • The decision to purchase: is your range attractive enough to be selected?
  • The point of purchase: are you in the right place at the right time and are you visible enough?
  • The run-up to the purchase: are you available, both mentally and physically, at all the moments the target audience thinks about your category?
  • In daily life: is your brand image and portfolio clear, and do they meet the needs of a sufficiently large target audience?

The purchasing process differs for each sector and target audience, and we match our approach to this. Within the consumer market, we provide insight into both the online purchasing process and behaviour in the physical shop. Consumers behave differently in the actual shop compared to ordering from the sofa at home. The results of the study help you arrange the shelves in the best way possible with the right product range, and help you optimise the impact of in-store communications.

CRM tends to play a more central role in the case of B2B communications. How can the added value within the relationship be increased, and how can the relationship be expanded in the future? This sort of study helps to improve the relationship with the client, and to lay the foundations for the future.

There are several building blocks at the basis of an informed Shopper Strategy. We provide insight into both the purchasing process and the purchase criteria.

Our most frequently used methods for shopper studies are:

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