Strategy & Transformation

In our view, research is not an end in itself. It is a means of setting in progress a movement or change. Ultimately, you want to operate as a more customer-driven organisation. The collection of customer insight is a significant step in this process, but it is not the only one.

Blauw provides guidance to organisations to allow them to become more customer-driven. Research results are our starting point. We also help organisations to convert those insights into actions. This often begins with the creation of a sense of urgency, the appointment of a guiding team and the setting up of a step-by-step plan. Ultimately, this must lead to a new culture
or a new action agenda.

Using inspiration, workshops, action sessions and team guidance, we take organisations through the process of converting insight into action, step-by-step. We determine the speck on the horizon and the working methods together. We can align ourselves with organisations’ existing working methods such as agile or design thinking. We are also happy to propose a working method, for example Kotter’s 8-step plan. Our transformation consultants also provide input.

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