Voice of the Customer

Your organisation wants to continue to learn and improve on the basis of what customers find important. A Voice of the Customer programme is a very useful tool in achieving this. Employees are structurally provided with relevant feedback from customers and implement tangible improvements in service provision and processes, based on 1 to 1 follow-up.

Cornerstones of a Voice of the Customer programme are:

  • Constant collection of customer feedback, enabling direct individual follow-up.
  • Provision of real-time insight into development in results format using an online dashboard.
  • Provision of extra insight and definitive action points using in-depth analyses in order to improve your organisation’s service provision and products.
  • Support in getting your customer's voice heard within your organisation and acting upon it, with the aid of Customer Experience experts.

Blauw sets up a bespoke Voice of the Customer programme and establishes the best approach, based on a scan of your organisation. Our Voice of the Customer programme consists of the following steps:

More information about our VoC programm?

Proven program Our proven program has been developed on the basis of years of experience with customer relations for:

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