Sponsorship has the power to generate enthusiasm for a brand amongst target groups like no other communication tool. We have a great deal of experience in research into sport and the world of (sport) sponsorship, both in terms of the development of successful activities and the creation of transparency into the effects of sponsorship.

We know sports fans better than anyone and we know how to involve them in research. We have involved fans from a wide range of sports in both qualitative and quantitative research (including football, cycling, F1, hockey, cricket, tennis, etc.) and worked with them intensively to deliver successful activities.

We are also convinced that the effectiveness of sponsorship can be measured and based on years of experience in sponsorship research we have developed methods to analyse its effect. We analyse the impact of sponsorship for a great many sponsors on an ongoing basis. That is how we measure the effectiveness of (international) sponsorship activities, like Formula one sponsoring, Formula E sponsoring and UEFA Champions League Sponsoring.

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