Sponsoring & Sport

Sponsoring has the power to generate enthusiasm for a brand like no other communication tool. Our mission is to help brands unlock the true value of sponsoring by understanding the emotional connection with relevant target groups.

Blauw has 20 years of experience in the field of international sponsoring research, covering sports teams, competitions and events. Our research has helped global brands to maximize return on investment of their worldwide sponsorships and has enabled our clients to optimize their sponsorship activations and campaigns. Our insights contribute to higher levels of engagement, loyalty and purchase.

We work with global brands like Heineken, Nissan, PepsiCo, Volvo, ABN AMRO, Vodafone, Aston Martin. Our research covers numerous sponsorship domains, like Formula 1, UEFA Champions League, Formula E, cricket, US College Sports, hockey, rugby and tennis.

Blauw Research sponsoring insights…

  • Proves and improves ROI
  • Generates new ideas for activation programs
  • Simplifies strategic sponsorship decisions
  • Increases the value of sponsorship in marketing campaigns
  • Reduces budget wastage on sponsorship rights
  • Creates alignment and support in the boardroom

We have recently developed the Sports Media Profiler, a model based on the way people follow sports that allows us to provide detailed insight into sponsorship impact.

We work on projects in the field of sponsoring and sports with a dedicated and experienced team. Our team is passionate about sports and we are committed to helping our clients optimizing the impact of their sponsoring activities by providing actionable sponsorship ROI insights.

Our team