Category Entry Points CEPs

Category Entry Points CEPs

Use Category Entry Points that boost your brand.

As a first mover and expert in Category Entry Points (CEPs) research, we go beyond explicitly measuring who, what, where, when, how and why (Byron Sharp). Many brands have already reinforced themselves with our innovative approach where we uncover unconscious decision processes (obv Daniel Kahneman) and factor the frequency of CEPs and their competitive position into our advice.

Category Entry Points CEPs Blue Research
Category Entry Points CEPs

CEPs research: for powerful brands and wonderful business results

  • Explore the breadth and depth of relevant CEPs with the CEP Power Recce ("rekkie," from reconnaissance)
  • Quantify where your opportunities lie in the category with the CEP Power Booster.
  • Optimize the success of your marcom efforts over time with our CEP Power Program.

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"The CEPs interviews were very enlightening. You get a representative from different target groups at the table in a short time. In a short time we got an enormous wealth of useful information. It was also a real treat to be present for that."
Cora Everaarts
Manager of Marketing Intelligence

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Ed Borsboom
Business Lead Branding
Ed Borsboom