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Maarten van den Broek
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CX Benchmark 2024: 5 reasons organizations are increasingly customer-driven!

The maturity of organizations in the field of customer experience is slowly increasing in the Netherlands. This is evident from years of research by Blauw Research into the customer-drivenness of organizations in the CX Benchmark. In 2024, around 70% of organizations in the Netherlands will be in one of the three highest stages of customer-drivenness. In 2018, this was still around 60%. What is causing this increase?

Customer Experience Benchmark

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The five biggest improvements in customer experience

The urgency to become increasingly customer-driven has been high for organizations in the Netherlands for years, but has not increased further since 2018. However, organizations are increasingly professionalizing themselves in customer experience. The 5 most important trends contributing to increasingly customer-driven action at organizations in the Netherlands are:

1. Management and directors are increasingly conveying the importance of being customer-driven with exemplary behavior.

2. Employees are given more and more space and resources to actively engage in concrete customer-driven improvement actions.

3. Employees increasingly have sufficient customer insights to improve any part of the customer experience themselves.

4. Employees are increasingly following up customer feedback directly, such as in a closed loop feedback system.

5. More and more organizations are continuously turning customer insights into concrete improvement actions.

Customer-driven organizations actively improving digital accessibility for 2025

Since the corona era, online services have been more important than ever. During this period, much had to be done online, and in many sectors these changes are permanent. Anno 2024, it is increasingly important to make digital services accessible to everyone.

The CX Benchmark shows that only 44% of organizations already comply with the WCAG guidelines that will be mandatory from 2025 under the European Accessibility Act. However, 71% of organizations do say they are actively working on improving their digital accessibility. Thereby, the top customer-driven organizations are twice as likely to be actively working on digital accessibility than organizations in the lower CX maturity stages.

Deployment of AI in improving customer experience still limited

In addition to digital accessibility, ArtificiaI Intelligence is also a hot topic for many companies in 2024. Organizations cite in the CX Benchmark that they are cautiously beginning to experiment and find out what the possibilities with AI are all about.

About 30% say they are already using AI to improve the customer experience. Here, the top customer-driven organizations are far ahead: they are three times more likely to use AI to improve the customer experience than organizations in the lower maturity stages. For example, they use AI for customer service chatbot or in proactive and customized customer advice. However, many organizations are still cautious about deploying AI because of uncertainties about data privacy.

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Want to know more about the CX Benchmark?

Maarten van den Broek
Business Lead Customer Experience
Maarten van den Broek