Portfolio research

Portfolio research

At product launch, you obviously want to market your innovation in the best way possible.

You want to be distinctive and more attractive than the competition. Price and packaging - just to name a few P's - can either boost or break your market share. In addition, you want the user experience to be as you envision it. But how do you do that?

Portfolio research Blauw Research
Portfolio research

Optimize portfolio and set up marketing mix

As a marketer, you provide a package that highlights your Distinctive Brand Assets (DBAs). And you build your portfolio according to Good-Better-Best. Moreover, you choose the claim that appeals to your target group. Blauw helps by optimizing the portfolio on the one hand and setting up the marketing mix for your product introduction on the other.

What are the valuable elements of your product?

To make an informed decision about the proper composition of your product, you must have answers to the questions

  • What is the premium price I can charge for my brand?
  • What are the extra features or a product claim worth?
  • Should I invest in extra speed or a larger model?

We map the added value of these product features through conjunct measurement. You gain insight into how to build your product portfolio to achieve a solid position in the market.

The results of conjunct research are ideally suited to serve as a basis for (need) segmentation. You can divide the market into smaller groups of people who have more or less the same needs.

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Binne Heida
Business Lead Product Development
Binne Heida