Co-creation research focuses on consumer dialogue. We involve the end user of your product or service in the development process.

In our co-creation studies, we do not put the consumer in the chair of the developer or designer. We look for collaboration to add value.

C-creation research Blauw Research

The end product or service is no longer the central focus but experiences with the product or service are central. For research, this no longer means merely evaluating given concepts but exploring experiences. In the context of research, this can include:

  • keeping diaries
  • making collages
  • drawing a mind map
  • working out assignments in workshops
  • consumer safaris
  • taking videos or photographs to record experiences
  • working with online bulletin boards and other tools
  • collaborating in social networks to share experiences and ideas with others.

It is about the contact between company and consumer in a way that adds value to the experience (for both parties). Co-creation research should not be seen as a process where the consumer sits in the chair of the developer or designer. But as a tool to achieve added value in collaboration.

Blauw facilitates encounters in which company and client work together. Co-creation has successive cycles and is thus a continuous process in which innovation can take shape. In close cooperation with the client a program can be drawn up in which a plan of approach is developed.

Getting started with co-creation in research?

Nienke Vreugdenhil
Research Consultant Product Development
Nienke Vreugdenhil