User Experience

With User Experience (UX) research, you are guaranteed to find leads to optimize your digital assets in a user-friendly way.

Whether you want to develop a digital product from scratch or adapt an existing one, we help you make choices based on the experience and needs of your users.

Whatever stage your digital product is in, with UX research we give you deeper insights.

Our label yourUX, powered by Blauw Research, has several methods for UX research. You can find all about them on the yourUX website.

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User Experience

Approach User Experience research

Are you serious about improving your digital concept or product? Then you'd better not make choices based on gut feeling, but on valuable insights from users.

How do you know which type of UX research is right for your team?

To do this, we look at what stage your product or concept is in and then determine the approach together. Within a week after we have started the research, you will already receive concrete starting points to improve your digital tool.

Want deep insights into your users' behaviors and motivations? UX interviews can help you

A Blauw expert observes users as they perform a task. Why? To understand any problems users are encountering. For example, why does the user experience a problem when using that one functionality? The "why" and the context to the user's behavior and motivations are key during UX interviews.

Want numerical insight into user experience? Including underlying motivations? UX Community research offers you the solution

Do you have one or more designs of a website or other digital asset in mind or already designed? If you present this idea to an (online) research community, you can use a combination of qualitative and quantitative insights to choose the most user-friendly version of the design. You not only get quantitative insights into the preferences of users, but also into why they think something. A community also has an interactive character, in which members actively contribute ideas. This creates a valuable co-creation.

Want to optimize your navigation menu? Go for Tree testing

How user-friendly is your website's navigation menu? During a Quantitative Tree test, we give individual users specific tasks, or tasks. With these tasks, users search the navigation menu for certain information. How well do users manage to get to the right menu item? Where do they run into problems? And what can you change about your menu categories, items or structure to solve this? Tree testing is performed among a representative target group of at least 100 users.

Read more about the different mehods for your UX question here

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Jephta Peijs
Jephta Peijs
Product Manager UX