In-home use test (IHUT).

In-home use test (IHUT).

A rehearsal for your product

A product launch is a big step. Before you actually put your product on the shelves, you naturally want to test its use on a small scale. An In-home-use test (ihut) is suitable for testing existing products or products that are still in the final stages of the product development process.

In-home use test (IHUT) Blauw Research
In-home use test (IHUT).

How the IHUT test works:

  • We recruit a group of potential users from our Blauw community or through social media.
  • You ensure that the products are delivered to the participants (addresses are provided by us)
  • Users share their experiences through the specially designed community platform.
  • We put issues online and give them assignments to use the product in different situations.

With the In-home-use test (ihut), you dot the i's on your introduction. You can adjust your communication and usage instructions based on the feedback. After this dress rehearsal, you will know for sure that you are going to shine at the premiere.

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Binne Heida
Business Lead Product Development
Binne Heida