Packaging Research

Packaging Research

Research the recognizability and findability of your (new) packaging

Packaging is directly linked to the success of a brand or a product. A strong packaging design stands out, reflects the brand, is recognizable, conveys the product message and seduces the potential buyer. To achieve this, the ultimate balance must be found between physical, color, image, shape and font. With packaging research we help you find this balance.

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Packaging Research

With our packaging research, you gain insight into:

  • Shelf impact: In which shelf does the concept belong and does it stand out enough in the competitive field?
  • Appropriateness: Does the packaging match the brand values?
  • Recognizability: Does the potential buyer recognize the brand and product? One way we do this is by using the Distinctive Brand Assets. The (mental) cues on the basis of which consumers recognize the product or brand.
  • Communication: Does the packaging convey the right product values?
  • Rating: What is the (sales) potential of a new design concept? Is the redesign better than the current design?

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Binne Heida
Business Lead Product Development
Binne Heida