Qualitative research

With qualitative research, you get in-depth information to improve or renew your product, service or communication‍

Qualitative research gives you insights into underlying arguments and motivations of your target audience. Gain in-depth insights into behaviors, motivations, opinions, wants and needs of your target audience.

Qualitative research Blauw Research
Qualitative research

Research methods qualitative research

Blauw's qualitative researchers conduct different types of interviews with respondents. This can be a one-on-one interview or a group discussion, and we can conduct interviews both online and on-site. Whichever research method you choose, our researchers ask open-ended questions and listen carefully to get the most valuable answers.

A major advantage in qualitative research is that our researchers ask deeper questions. For example, about the why of an opinion or the behavior of a respondent. We can discuss conscious motivations of the target group, but also unconscious motivations can be identified. Qualitative research can also be used to get the target group itself to think about, for example, the interpretation of product innovations or new developments.

Examination rooms and viewing rooms

Our clients, your internal stakeholders, can watch the research and thus get a clear picture of what is going on among the research groups. As a result, face-to-face qualitative research provides great inspiration and ensures great engagement with all stakeholders.

In our office on Coolsingel in Rotterdam, we have our own research rooms, but we also make extensive use of external locations and are nowadays able to conduct qualitative studies online.

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Dori van Rosmalen