Needs assessment

Needs assessment

Discover the - often unconscious - needs within your market category.

If you know what your customers want, then you can address those customer needs with your marketing plans. But how do you discover those - often unconscious - needs within your market category? With a needs assessment, of course!

Needs Assessment Blauw Research
Needs assessment

Discover how to connect to changing needs within your market category

During a needs analysis Blauw's experts work in such a way that we uncover the needs of your target group. We take into account the context in which consumers use your product or service, because needs can differ per user moment.

Customization: empathizing with your target audience

Needs research can serve several purposes. It forms the basis of a successful positioning, marketing strategy and category vision. Together we will discuss which (combination of) tools and methods will help you better empathize with your target group. This depends on your goal and the information that is already available. In this way we create a customized needs assessment for you and you will receive truly valuable insights.

Needs assessment answers questions such as:

  • How can I develop a positioning that consumers are naturally attracted to?
  • How can I develop products that are relevant to consumers in the long term?
  • How can I help consumers make the right choice on the store shelf?

How do you gain greater insight into consumer behavior and needs? Download our white paper Structural success from consumer insight:

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Frederieke van Leeuwen
Business Lead Marketing Strategy
Frederieke van Leeuwen