Customer Journey research

Customer Journey research

No assumptions but compelling insights? A Customer Journey Research makes a difference!

Are you eager to improve the customer experience but don't know where to start? Could a survey help? Or would you rather save costs by relying on peer assumptions? At what moments in the customer journey do customers smile and where do they frown?

With a Customer Journey Survey our enthusiastic Blauw experts do not collect assumptions but results based on real customer experience, which provide insight into the appreciation of your (digital) services. Including positive and negative points. Together we can then immediately set priorities and draw up a plan to improve the customer journey.

Customer Journey research Blauw Research
Customer Journey research

Approach to Customer Journey Research

Our passionate Blauw experts take a lot of work off your hands, but you, as the voice of the organization, are of course indispensable in the Customer Journey Research. Every organization and therefore every research is authentic. That's why we first discuss your questions and determine exactly how the research will proceed. The research takes 4-7 weeks on average.

Step 1: Identify input & pain points

We need your input, as well as that of other departments within your organization. What input is needed? That depends on which customer journey form you want to explore:

(1) optimizing services;

or (2) optimizing a specific process.

For both types of customer journeys, we organize 1 workshop in which Blauw, together with all those involved in the journey, (1) maps out the full scope of the service, (2) or step-by-step through a specific process step. Why is input needed? To make sense of results. That way we give context to the customer journey and potential pain points can no longer hide.

Step 2: Experience-interviews with customers.

In the next step, our Blauw experts will ask your customers all they want to know. Naturally in an understanding manner and with an open mind.

We interview all the clients 1-on-1, preferably within 2-3 days. We start with: what goal does the client want to achieve? The journey ends when the goal is accomplished. In this way, we paint a good picture of what role your service or product plays within the customer journey. Our experts are on the edge of their seats to closely monitor the customer's emotions and experience throughout the journey.

Step 3: Set priorities with stakeholders

In the final step, we organize a 1.5- to 2-hour workshop. Our Blauw experts present all the insights gathered from the first two steps. Those involved, including stakeholders, are present.

Together with all parties, we determine the most important insights, points of departure and pain points the organization wants to focus on. We then convert these points into How-Can-We's (HCW's). This gives you a foundation on which you can build to improve the customer experience.

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Sanne Kempers
Research Consultant CX & yourUX
Sanne Kempers