Behavioral Tracking

Behavioral Tracking

Match your marketing campaigns to the buying and user behavior of your target audience.

Trends and developments within your category can change rapidly. So can the purchasing and user behavior of your target audience. Ideally, you want to stay as well informed as possible about these changes so that you can tailor your marketing campaigns accordingly. But how? Blauw's Behavioral Tracker will gladly give you a hand!

Behavioral Tracking Blue Research
Behavioral Tracking

Continuously measure purchase and user behavior

With Behavorial Tracking we continuously measure purchase and user behavior within your category. We tailor these measurements to the information you need to achieve your goals. We create a custom monitor. The design of the questionnaire, the target group and sample and the frequency of measurements are determined in consultation with you.

Custom monitor with social listening

From a monitor you understand well what changes occur in (extent of) behavior and needs. We know from experience that these insights automatically lead to the demand for explanations. We offer those explanations optionally from enriching the monitor with social listening. By listening to what consumers spontaneously share about the category, we put the results from the quantitative research into perspective.

What can Behavorial Tracking help you with?

  • You want to use the insights you gain externally, for example, to demonstrate your expertise or increase credibility
  • You want to monitor internally the impact of your actions, and discover, for example, whether more people are using your product or whether attitudes are changing

How do you gain greater insight into consumer behavior and needs? Download our white paper Structural success from consumer insight:

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Frederieke van Leeuwen
Business Lead Marketing Strategy
Frederieke van Leeuwen