Marketing Strategy

A strong and future-proof marketing strategy puts the consumer at the center. Increase your success from understanding consumer behavior and needs within your category  

You increase the success of your marketing strategy by putting the consumer first. Whether you want to enter a new market or get even more success out of your existing portfolio. Our Blauw experts help you discover growth opportunities within the category based on insight into consumer behavior and needs.  

Consumer behaviors and needs change from situation to situation. To uncover growth opportunities, you need to understand how insights connect. We help you see the bigger picture from the consumer's perspective. So you know how best to shape your marketing campaigns.

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Marketing Strategy

Specialists in Consumer Goods & Services, from FMCG to Durables and Retail

Our team specializes in consumer research within the world of Consumer Goods & Services. From FMCG to Durables and Retail. We feel at home in this "fast-paced" world where consumers are making choices in no time. And in which there is free choice to switch between stores, brands and products. This means that, as a brand, you have to constantly stay on your toes so as not to lose the customer.  

Customized solutions for the right strategic choices

We help our clients ground strategic choices from an understanding of consumer behavior and needs. Our clients' challenges are never quite the same. And neither is the answer from research. That is why we work with customized solutions.  

Within custom solutions, we apply our knowledge and experience with challenges within numerous categories to increase the efficiency and impact of our investigations.

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Frederieke van Leeuwen
Frederieke van Leeuwen
Business Lead Marketing Strategy