The developments within the telecom sector and in technical advancements have caused a huge revolution in our current society. The almost limitless access and digitization puts people more in touch, in control and in charge. Consumers are increasingly influencing each other and companies.

But the power of this development also affects the providers themselves. Telecom providers and Internet service providers have invested heavily in access. The big question is how that will be recouped in a market where "access" is seen as mainstream (and preferably free). There are many players within the telecom industry, making it difficult for providers to differentiate themselves.

This leads to price erosion, shifting revenue models, industry-wide competition and new services. Also, market relations are under constant tension with a supreme player like Google. In a world that is changing so rapidly (and from which the industry has benefited greatly), it is more necessary than ever to stay constantly on top of developments in the market.

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Market research within the telecom industry: keeping a finger on the pulse is no longer enough

It is about following the consumer choice and purchase process and seeing how there technology and telecom can contribute relevantly and credibly to wants and needs. Wants and needs are constantly evolving because of the increasing opportunities in the telecom sector.

That is exactly what Blauw gets excited about: following what is happening, anticipating what is happening and translating it into what needs to be done. There are many forms of market research for telecom providers, Internet providers and media companies.

  • How can you use customer feedback to get and keep existing customers excited, and how do you easily attract new customers? - Customer Experience Research
  • What tools help you listen to your customers and then act on them? - Measuring customer feedback
  • How do you stay ahead of the competition and make sure you seize the opportunities that arise? - Research Community
  • How to successfully deploy and use sponsorship as a marketing communications tool to get relevant audiences excited about your brand - Sponsorship Research

Blauw conducts various surveys for various telecom providers and Internet service providers.

"We experience the cooperation with Blauw as pleasant and effective. They deliver consistently good quality and think constructively with us to arrive at the right questions and solutions for new services or product innovations. Also, they are very flexible and switch quickly!"
Klaske van den Berg and Peter Boin

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Binne Heida
Business Lead Product Development
Binne Heida