Concept testing

Concept testing

Is there enough support in your market for a new product or service?

Bringing an innovation to market takes a lot of time, money and energy. There is a reason why higher management asks for a solid business case before giving the green light. In our concept testing studies, new concepts are assessed for market potential, purchase intention and distinctiveness, and you get the necessary numerical support.

Concept testing Blauw Research
Concept testing

At Blauw, we have two flavors of this research: on the one hand, the Market Potential research in which one concept is assessed and analyzed in depth, and on the other hand, the Concept Screening research in which several concepts are briefly tested to determine the most promising concept.‍

Is there sufficient market for your product?

In a market potential study we look at whether your product is a good fit with customer needs and whether there are enough people who want to buy it. During its existence, Blauw has conducted hundreds of product researches in various sectors. By comparing your product with these results, we know how big the market potential is.

Which product idea has the most potential?

Creative ideas are often plentiful. But which idea has the most potential? It's a waste to spend time and attention on hopeless concepts. The concept screener separates the wheat from the chaff. All concepts are assessed on the same KPIs and on this basis an informed choice can be made for further development.

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Binne Heida
Business Lead Product Development
Binne Heida