Product Development

Keep innovating! Product Development research gives you the necessary input from creation to successful launch.

Nothing is more satisfying than seeing your own "baby" on the shelves. It's the reward after an exciting journey full of important decisions. Whether it's developing a product idea, testing concepts or optimizing the launch, you can be confident you're making the right choices because we make sure you always put customer needs first.

We have already helped many major brands with product development. With our unique approach, we work with you to make consumers' lives a little easier, more fun or more sustainable.

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Product Development

Research from initial concept to launch

Developing a new product is both an exciting and challenging undertaking. Blauw conducts consumer research throughout the New Product Development process and helps you make the right choices. To take a product from initial concept to final market launch, you need research at various stages. We have divided the research into three phases:

New product ideas

The first phase of the product development process begins with generating new product ideas. In this phase, you already know what problem you want to solve for your customer but don't yet know how. We do research into customer needs and market risks. At the end of this phase you can fill the innovation tunnel with new product ideas.

Feasibility concepts

In this phase, it is important to verify that you are on the right track with your target audience with the initial design. In this phase, we examine the new concepts on purchase intent and other KPIs. Putting an innovation on the market takes a lot of time, money and energy. Our quick and reliable research gives you input for a solid business case of the most promising concepts.

Optimal product launch

At product launch, you obviously want to market your innovation in the best way possible. You want to be distinctive and more attractive than the competition. In this phase, we give you data-based advice on the optimal introduction strategy.

"We experience the cooperation with Blauw as pleasant and effective. They deliver consistently good quality and think constructively with us to arrive at the right questions and solutions for new services or product innovations. Also, they are very flexible and switch quickly!"
Klaske van den Berg and Peter Boin
"The study provided a lot of guidance, and provided the basis for further calculations and making a good business case."
Jiri Staats
Head of Brand & Portfolio innocent drinks
"The IHUT survey gave us immediate insight into the customer experience. We received very valuable and instructive insights to optimally develop our new product."
Christian Schelle
Product Manager

Want to know how we approach product development research?

Binne Heida
Binne Heida
Business Lead Product Development