"Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships."
Michael Jordan

Of course you can do good research once. But we believe that only sustained collaboration in smart research programs lead to real growth.

30 years of fearless tacklers

In 1993, Business Administration students Wout van der Wijk and Kees de Jong were asked by an IT company if they wanted to research the dental market. Although they had taken the statistics course (successfully), they had never done real market research. They could use a bonus so they accepted the assignment. Similar to Pipi L: "we've never done it before, but we think we can do it."

The students got to work like crazy and within weeks delivered the research report to the satisfaction of their first client. That mentality of fearless tackling still stands tall at Blauw.


If you combine fearless approaches with a no-nonsense, get-things-done attitude, you're pretty close to capturing the Rotterdam mentality. A deal is a deal is also part of that. If we've agreed on something, then that's exactly what's going to happen: we keep our eye on the goal!

Rotterdam is also about daring to challenge the established order. Not being critical for the sake of being critical, but because things can always be done better, smarter or easier. That is what drives us in what we do for our clients. We follow the latest insights in science and literature and see how we can apply them in our work. We also keep an eye on new technologies and tools to select the ones that best help us do research better for clients.

Embracing innovation

Developments follow each other in rapid succession. Naturally, we want to respond to them and discover what works for us and what doesn't. To do that, you have to be a little curious and embrace innovation. We encourage each other in this and bring out the best in each other.

We realize all too well how important the work we do for our clients is. The goal is to generate the best insights and help our clients make the best decisions based on those insights. In addition, the research must be carried out tightly in order to meet commitments. This requires a good project organization with crisp clear procedures. We are certified for ISO 20252 (Market Research), ISO-27001 (Data security) & ISO-27701 (Privacy).

Our way of working

We 💙 research

Research is the greatest thing there is. But we also understand that research is only a means and not an end. That's why we start with an open conversation about the client's challenge(s): what's preventing them from growing? And: how will our research help them grow anyway? Our approach focuses on the client's marketing and organizational goals. We always organize workshops to work with the insights. Everything is aimed at helping to grow.

Only the best is good enough

"The best" research, then, is the research that helps clients achieve its goals. To make that happen, our consultants design a plan of action that combines their knowledge of the client's market and context with the possibilities offered by the smartest tools and techniques in market research. In this, we draw inspiration from scientific insights and business instinct. Our consultants design activation workshops so that the client can proceed immediately.

Growing through collaboration

We keep our eyes on the goal (Marc Lammers: losers have an excuse, winners have a plan) We embrace innovation (once you stop learning, you start dying - Einstein) We are fearless tacklers (pippi) We bring out the best in each other (Simon Sinek) Be smarter, Because we believe things can always be better, smarter or easier.

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Working at Blauw Research

Will you become the new Blauwer?

As a Blauwer, you are part of our distinctive culture, we like to do smart things to make things better, easier and more fun for our customer and ourselves. Staying ahead in trends and developments ensures a successful existence.

  • Freedom and responsibility to find your own way
  • An office building in a prime location in the global city of Rotterdam
  • Flexible working in terms of time and place