Shopper research

Shopper research

Do you want to be relevant to your potential customers at every moment in the buying process?

At any point in the shopper journey, consumers can drop out. So as a company, you better make sure that you keep your potential customer's attention at every moment in this purchase process. But how? Shopper research offers the solution!  

 Shopper research Blauw Research
Shopper research

Understanding behavior and crucial moments with shopper research

Every buying process is unique, because every company, industry or target audience is different. So we tailor a shopper study to your category. Blauw experts help you understand the behavior and crucial moments in the shopper journey of your category. With these insights you can make it easier for consumers to choose your brand and products.  

Key elements of our approach in shopper research are:  

Measuring unconscious buying behavior

Do you always make a conscious rational choice while shopping? No. Neither do your fellow consumers. A lot of purchasing behavior happens unconsciously. That's why our Blauw experts use techniques that pay attention to the unconscious behavior of consumers during both qualitative and quantitative research.

Actual buying behavior

Many choices are made unconsciously. In addition, behavior is highly dependent on context, which can change continuously. As a result, consumers are poor at predicting their own behavior. For this reason, we always take actual behavior as a starting point and reflect on the last purchase. We observe behavior and let buyers talk spontaneously about their experiences, before asking specifically about the motivation for the purchase and perception during the process.

Online buying behavior versus in-store behavior

It probably doesn't surprise you, but a consumer's behavior is different in physical stores than at home on the couch with a laptop on their lap. That is why we think it is important to distinguish between these forms of shopping behavior. This is the only way you can really set up a physical or online purchasing process properly and make both worlds fit together as well as possible.

A shopper research at Blauw can consist of various modules. Naturally, we will discuss with you which methods we can best use for your research. For example, we can opt for:

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Frederieke van Leeuwen
Business Lead Marketing Strategy
Frederieke van Leeuwen