Branding & Communication

Good branding and communication is essential to be successful as a brand. To stay future-proof, we examine your brand, its position and your communications.

With our branding and communication surveys, we measure purposefully and you get very practical output and advice to improve your brand performance and communication.

Our view of brand growth is radically different from what you're used to and different from current brand growth models used by brand managers to improve brand performance.

In our communication studies, we measure the effect of "the message" disseminated through all possible forms of communication. For example: packaging, TV commercials, advertisements, brochures, websites, social media statements or other promotional or information channels.

To test your brand, communication materials or ideas, we have different products to suit the stage your brand, campaign or expression is in.

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Branding & Communication

Do consumers recognize your brand?

To achieve brand growth, you need to properly identify how consumers view you and how you stand out from your competitors. After all, your brand is what drives your business. But did you know that consumers are barely engaged with brands?

People think they make rational decisions, but choose and buy intuitively and pragmatically. Do they always buy brand A, but at the moment they need it, only brand B is in the store? Then brand B is bought.

Consumers need to recognize your brand and think of you in the moment of a decisive buying situation. Traditional brand surveys offer little guidance for getting started with this. Our method for monitoring brand growth aligns with Byron Sharp's vision of How Brands Grow.

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Where can you improve your communication message?

Getting your message across to your target audience in the best possible way is exactly what we look at in communications research. After all, your product or service may be so well put together, but it must connect with the target group's perception of the world and reach them at the right moment to make it a success.

We believe in an approach that involves consumers or citizens as early as possible in the research process. This way, you discover exactly how to improve communication with your customers by testing communication messages, measuring effects of media deployment or researching your stakeholder relationship.

Did you know that people make about 95% of all decisions unconsciously? In addition to the rational decisions and conscious choices people make, we therefore also take intuitive behavior and unconscious choices into account in communication research. We therefore not only look at what people say or claim to do, but increasingly focus on actual behavior and the presence of all conditions for effective communication. In this way you do more justice to all the ways in which (potential) customers and citizens process information and make choices.

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"Because of Blauw's positioning research, we now know how to ensure that more people will think of our brand and choose the Hook."
Justine Passera
Marketing & Communications Manager
"Blauw took us through the process well and time after time their added value was in the sharpness of their analyses and good ability to distinguish main and secondary issues."
Marloes Antheunis
Senior communications consultant
"Soon we noticed that, precisely as a scale-up, we could get a lot of valuable results from the research."
Ilse van Loon
Head of Brand & Communications

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