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Golden Talking Tube Mortgage Lenders 2023 again for Obvion

Obvion has won the Golden Speech Tube Mortgage Lenders for the second year in a row and also showed the strongest development during this 26th edition. Obvion dares to make tough choices and strives for excellence in green and diversity. The lender understands that maintaining a top position in the market is more difficult than achieving it. By being proactive and sticking to its core values of "Mortgages from the heart," Obvion manages to rise above the competition.

In addition to Obvion, Florius and ING were also nominated. These three lenders owe the nomination to a very positive development in their results in the Mortgage Lenders Image Blueprint. In the end, the professional jury determined the winner. This year, the jury consisted of:

  • Roald van der Linde - board member at Nationale Hypotheek Garantie
  • Nico Stolwijk - manager External Relations and Positioning Vereniging Eigen Huis
  • Bart de Nie - director of Stichting Erkend Hypotheekadviseurs
  • Alex Klein - editor-in-chief of InFinance, the winner.

Florius and ING won the Silver Speakership.

The Gouden Spreekbuis is awarded to the mortgage lender that has developed best over the past year in terms of communication, image, awareness and service. The image and performance are measured among advisors who work with the provider.

The presentation of the Gouden Spreekbuis Verstrekkers 2023 took place this year at HypoVak. You can read more about the assessment of the winner and both other nominated providers in the jury report.



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