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How can you get an understanding of the needs of your target group?

Whether you want to give your entire marketing strategy a boost or want to be relevant to your potential customer at every point in their shopper journey, you know that you have to put them first. You're also aware that you have to focus on the needs of your target group. But how do you do that? These needs are often sub-conscious and can change depending on the situation.

Discover the bigger picture that you play a role in: the category

Our experts at Blauw can help you to 'join the dots' between individual bits of information on your category. Because it's not until you see the bigger picture of your target group that you'll actually understand what makes consumers tick. Then you'll discover what their needs and wishes are and, not unimportant: how you can capitalise on that with your product or service. At the same time you can learn how best to shape your marketing promotions.

From experience, we can tell you that consumer behaviour is influenced by a different user context each time. So we'll create a tailor-made survey for you. But, of course, we first want to tell you what sort of market research methods we have on offer:

Popular market research methods

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Interested in how a survey like that works?

We have already carried out many different market research surveys in fields such as Retail, FMCG, Durables and Finance. Are you interested how we set about doing this, and what these B2C companies learned from the results of these surveys? Read the case studies:

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What is it that makes our work so enjoyable? We share a passion with our clients for the same industry. We feel at home in a world in which consumers make choices in next-to-no time, switching at lightning speed between stores, brands and products. That keeps us on the ball and helps us to get the best out of ourselves. Would you accept that sort of challenge, too?