Concept writing workshop

Concept writing workshop

This workshop will give you tools to write clear, consistent and logical concepts. You will learn to write better concepts in less time.

Concept writing workshop Blauw Research
Concept writing workshop

In the concept writing workshop, we use the Need Promise Evidence, also known as Insight, Benefit, Reason to Believe.

  • Need: Insight/ the hook, where your customer recognizes himself or his need.
  • Promise: The solution to the customer need
  • Evidence: The arguments that make the customer believe in your product or service.

We explain the basics of a good concept and you will get tips and support for writing. Many examples will be shown. Then you will get to work writing concepts yourself and get immediate feedback on them.

The workshop is aimed at marketers, product developers, brand managers, insights managers, market researchers and suitable for any experience level.

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'At the concept writing workshop, you are really challenged to get into the skin of your user. The Need - Promise - Proof model helps you not to confuse the three steps and to formulate concisely. The workshop immediately resulted in a number of developed concepts'.
Yvonne Vanlier
Marketing Manager
Explaining the concept briefly, powerfully and concisely to get to the point is quite a challenge. If it succeeds and it connects seamlessly with consumer needs and trends, you are golden. Research provides so many relevant insights to further sharpen your concept and make the right choices in order to touch the heart of the target group and successfully launch a new concept. Gives me a lot of energy in any case!
Linda van de Wiel
Brand Experience Manager

Want to know more about writing drafts?

Nienke Vreugdenhil
Research Consultant Product Development
Nienke Vreugdenhil